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Are you on the fence about IdealLean protein from IdealFit? Do you need a full Ideallean review to help you make your decision?!

We were on the fence as well, but once we tried it… we actually loved Ideallean protein.

We ended up loving it so we decided to let you all know of our experience. We’ve got one of the most in-depth Ideallean reviews on the web, you don’t want to skip this one!

Bottom line review of Ideallean protein: 9/10.

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In this Ideallean review you will find a complete breakdown of IdealFit’s protein for women, the good and the bad!

Sections include:

  1. Flavor
  2. Consistency
  3. Ingredients & Nutritional Levels
  4. Price
  5. Packaging
  6. Website & Customer Experience

different flavors of ideallean reviews | Best Fitness Recipes

1. Ideallean Flavor Review

IdealLean Protein comes in about 10 flavors. I say about because they have some limited edition flavors and seasonal flavors that go in an out from time to time!

The most popular Ideallean protein flavors are Chocolate Brownie and French Vanilla. Those 2 flavors both have quite a rich flavor and are very true to what you would expect for the respective flavors.

The Chocolate Brownie protein pairs extremely well in smoothies with Almond milk, peanut butter, bananas and some ice. Delicious! They also have some amazing recipes on their site for those flavors, so be sure to check that out!

A couple flavors we did not like are Pina Colada and Cake Batter.

The Pina Colada flavor tastes way too much like fake flavoring, bleh. Also, the Cake Batter had a bit too much of the confetti type flakes in it, it just didn’t strike our fancy.

Honestly, taste-wise, Ideallean is one of the most tasty proteins for women (except for those 2 flavors mentioned above). If you want to try four of the most popular flavors, we recommend the variety box!

ideallean reviews: the flavor | Best Fitness Recipes

2. Consistency of Ideallean Protein

One of the most important parts of our Ideallean review highlights the consistency of this protein.

We can confidently say, Ideallean protein has one of the best consistencies of any protein we have tried, whether it be protein for men or women.

The consistency is super smooth and easy to drink. That holds true for all flavors except Cake Batter, which has some chunks of confetti which we don’t love (but maybe you would)!

We’ve tried this protein for women mixed with water, almond milk, coconut milk, and also, regular milk. We love it best with Silk Almond Milk for a smooth consistency!


ideallean protein nutrition label reviews | Best Fitness Recipes

3. Ingredients & Nutritional Content of Ideallean Protein

There is one huge advantage and also one huge disadvantage of Ideallean protein’s ingredients.

The part we love, is that the main ingredient is whey protein isolate! Whey protein isolate is best for getting lean because it doesn’t have any extra carbs or junk! Perfect for weight loss!

Each serving of Ideallean protein has 20g of protein and 0g of fat, 0g of carbs, and 0g of sugar.

0g of sugar? How?

Well that is the disadvantage of Ideallean protein. Sucralose.

Some may argue (including Idealfit themselves) that Sucralose is the best alternative to real sugar,  but other argues otherwise.

Our personal take is that we don’t love sucralose. But, at the same time, we feel fine about the amount in Ideallean protein. Honestly, the debate is so hot on sucralose, so you choose for yourself if it is a deal breaker!

You can check out all of the ingredients here!

chocolate ideallean reviews | Best Fitness Recipes


4. Ideallean Protein Price

This is the part of our Ideallean review in which the remarks are extremely high! Although the price point seems to vary from time to time, it typically sits at $29.

For $29 you are essential getting each serving for just under $1, which is an extremely fair price, especially for a whey protein isolate protein shake. You can often find some discount codes through their social media accounts, which just sweetens the deal.

You can even use the code NEW16 for 16% off your first order from Idealfit!

Idealfit’s protein really is one of the best prices for the quality of product on the market!


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5. Ideallean Reviews: The Packaging

Does packaging matter for your protein? Some may so no, but it matters to us!

I think Idealfit did a mediocre job on their product packaging. It is pretty standard of any protein in regards to color scheme and imagery, hence why we aren’t impressed. Being standard and seemingly cautious doesn’t get high remarks in our books. But like we said, maybe you don’t really care about the packaging.


ideallean website review

6. Idealfit Website and Purchase Process Review

Again, we weren’t extremely impressed with Idealfit’s website or our general experience as a customer.

The positives first.

Idealfit’s website has a plethora of articles about their products, different workouts, and recipes as well. While many of them we loved, others seemed quite biased and irrelevant. Overall though, we love browsing their blog for ideas, tips and tricks.

Now the negatives.

We didn’t love their checkout experience. I was forced to create an account to checkout. 2 thumbs down on that one!!

Even for samples I was forced to create an account, where is the guest checkout?!

The shipping charge seemed relatively fair for the time frame, so we were happy about that!

Again, the checkout process seemed a bit long and tedious, but I guess i’ve just grown accustomed to the ease and functionality of Amazon! I mean, if you wanna purchase the protein from Amazon, you could do that too!

Bottom Line IdealLean Reviews Score: 9/10

Ideallean protein is a 9/10. Bottom line is as follows!

  • Most flavors (keyword, most) are extremely delicious and true to what you would expect for taste
  • This protein’s consistency is one of the best on the market
  • Whey protein isolate = good, sucralose = bad (debatable)
  • Price is one of the best on the market, especially for the value
  • The packaging is mediocre (not a huge factor)
  • Don’t expect the fastest checkout on their site, but it’s still worth it

If you are looking for a high-quality protein at an extremely fair price, Ideallean protein is the way to go! In regards to our favorite flavors, you will not go wrong with Chocolate Brownie or French Vanilla.

Ready to try for yourself? Use the code NEW16 for 16% off your first purchase, booooom!

Disagree? Let us know in the comments?

Want us to write a review on another protein or health supplement, let us know in the comments!

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