Tasty Pre + Post Workout Smoothie Recipes! 🍹

Wanna take these recipes one step further?! 

You need to add protein to these smoothies! Seriously! 💪🏼

Adding protein to your post workout smoothies helps aide in weight loss, muscle growth (duh), and helps you stay fuller longer!

Idealfit makes a delicious and super lean protein! I wrote a full review here.

If you click this image below you can save 16% off your first order from them! 🙌🏼

There are countless stories of women (and men) getting more lean and accomplishing their fitness goals through the help of protein and healthy recipes like those in the video above 👆🏼!

Let us know which smoothie recipe you love the most! Oh, and let us know if you end up trying out the Idealfit protein!

Video credit to blogilates.
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